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The PowerPot and Developing Nations

Cooking in the developing world often happens over an open fire; surprisingly many people in this part of the world have cellphones

The Problem

Many developing nations lack the infrastructure needed to deliver electricity in rural areas. An estimated 1.6 billion people live beyond the electricity grid meaning that they do not have convenient access to mobile phone charging options. Without regular, affordable electricity, people living in these areas must find an alternative. Power Practical is dedicated to help solve that problem. In these off-grid areas, the PowerPot can provide the much needed electricity.

From large urban areas in countries like India, Bangladesh and Uganda that experience regular power outages, to the remote villages of Ghana, China and elsewhere, there is a growing need for reliable electricity. Conveniently, cooking over an open flame is quite common in these places. The PowerPot fits perfectly in this situation. It can be used to prepare food or hot drinks--something already performed on a daily basis--and simultaneously provide free, clean electricity.

What are they using now?

Candles, kerosene, wood and charcoal.


Market penetration of solar lighting products is currently below 1.5%, with less than a 0.5% share for solar portable lights.

An estimated 600 million cellphone users# live in off-grid areas today. This is an example of how the traditional grid system from the past is having a hard time keeping up with technology of the future. The PowerPot allows off-grid users to charge their personal devices or provide lighting while doing something they do everyday. This is why Power Practical is teaming up with non profit organizations to distribute PowerPots where they are needed the most. 

If you are interested and think your organization could benefit from the PowerPot, please fill out our PowerPot Development Program Form

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