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The PowerPot X

The PowerPot X
10W Portable Generator / Cooking Pot

Coming soon! The PowerPot X is a sleek 10-watt generator that converts heat into electrical power. Just heat up water in the pot and the PowerPot® X will immediately start powering your mobile electronics. Unlike its cousin the PowerPot V, the X can push up to 2 amps--enough to charge larger devices like iPads and SLR batteries.  The X ships with a standard USB (5V) port, ready to charge any device you have. It has three-feet of of highly durable, flame-resistant cabling.  The solid-state voltage regulator provides up to 10 Watts of power to charge your high-tech devices

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LATE 2014


PowerPot X 10 Watt portable iphone charger cooking pot

PowerPot X infographic 10 watt generator

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