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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally we get a lot of questions about the wonderful PowerPot. To help answer these better, we've produced a handful of FAQ videos for your viewing pleasure. Check em out! If you still have questions, drop us a line on our contact form. Thanks and Keep Charging!


How do I use the PowerPot?


Using the PowerPot is as easy as boiling a pot of water. Just plug in the USB charging cable, add water and place on heat.

Focus the heat in the bottom center of the plate. Avoid applying heat to the sides of the PowerPot, this reduces power output and in extreme cases can cause damage to the unit. Within a few moments the green light on the charging cable will light up, indicating you are ready to charge. Plug in any USB device and off you go!

While The PowerPot does not require constant attention, it does need to be at least 50% full while heat is being applied. If you are preparing food w the PowerPot, empty ⅔ of the hot water for use with MREs/soup and replace with cold water.

Can I Break the PowerPot?


Yes. Avoid extreme temperature swings with the PowerPot. Do not place in cold water or snow immediately after use. Do not apply flames to the handles, cable or sides of the PowerPot. Focus flames on the bottom plate of the PowerPot.

Give the PowerPot adequate time to cool down after using. Leave at least 1-inch of water in the pot until the green light turns off. This gives the PowerPot ample time to cool down properly.

What Can You Charge?


The PowerPot can charge any USB device. This includes smartphones, mp3 players, GoPro cameras, headlamps, GPS units, water purifiers and so on.

If it’s USB, it’ll charge with the PowerPot!

How Fast Does It Charge?


The PowerPot generates up to 5-watts of usable power. It will fully charge most smartphones at the same rate as a wall adapter, usually 1-2 hours.

Many devices only consume 2.5-watts of power. This includes headlamps, action cameras and older mp3 players. The PowerPot can charge two of these devices simultaneously at full-speed.

How Do I Charge Smartphones?


Charging iPhone with the PowerPot is like charging any other device. As the PowerPot ramps up power, it sometimes produces more power than the device is drawing.

To remedy this, use the fast-charging cables supplied with each PowerPot or simply unplug and re-connect your smartphone. This helps cycle the bus and increases the power drawn by your smartphone.

How Do I Maximize Power?


Maximizing power with the PowerPot is easy. To reach maximum power, either add colder water or increase the intensity of the flame.

In some cases, the PowerPot is producing more power than your device is drawing. To overcome this, you can use the supplied charging tips that come with each PowerPot. These charge-only tips maximize power draw. Another option is to re-plug the device into the PowerPot, which helps it draw higher levels of power.

How should I clean the PowerPot?


Once you are finished using the PowerPot, allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes. This helps prevent temperature swings that can be harmful to the device.

After cooling, dump the water out and handwash the PowerPot. As the PowerPot is an electrical device it is NOT dishwasher safe. Handwash with water and soap if necessary. Hand-dry with a towel or set out for air drying.

What heat sources can you use?


The PowerPot works on any heat source, including open fires. It is rated to 300 Celsius, meaning it can withstand the heat from an open fire under normal use.

This means you can use the PowerPot off-the-grid while camping, in your kitchen during power outages, or anywhere else you have heat.

Will The Cable Melt?


No. The PowerPot comes with 2.5-feet of high-temperature, self-extinguishing cable. Under normal conditions the cord will not melt. The connector is also made of high-temperature composite material and will not melt under normal conditions.

Avoid prolonged contact with coals or direct flame and the cord will be fine.

What Is It Made Of?


The body of the PowerPot is made of hard-anodized aluminum. The thermoelectric modules are sealed with a water-tight RTV silicone that protects it from the environment.

The charging cable is made of high-temp silicone with a teflon coating. This makes it very durable and of course, heat-resistant.

How Do Thermoelectric Generators Work?


Thermoelectric generators take a temperature difference and convert it into electricity. They need one side to be cold and the other to be hot. The greater the difference in temperature between hot and cold, the greater the power output.

The PowerPot utilizes a temperature difference that is present when cooking food. The difference in temp between the flame and the water in the pot allows it to create electricity.

Can I cook in the PowerPot?


Yes. For cooking solid foods, we include a lid that doubles as a small frying pan. It can be used to cook solid foods such as bacon and eggs. The PowerPot itself should only be used with water, soup or other liquids that can be brought to a boil. This is because water acts as a natural heatsink, helping to keep the unit from overheating and causing damage to the generator.

More Questions?

If these videos didn't answer your questions about the PowerPot, please send us an email!


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